Saturday, March 31, 2012

Onion skin dyed eggs for Easter

Miss Seven and I had a fab time last night dying blown eggs with onion skins.  I have been wanting to try this technique for years.  We stayed up a bit late (which was very exciting for Miss Seven), ate delicious choccy eggs and watched movies while we worked!  I only had six eggs to blow and one broke so we ended up with five.  I'm glad I didn't have more than that 'cause I just about blew the top of my head off trying to get the eggs out of their shells through the tiny holes!

For the dying -  collect as many onion skins (the dry brown part) as you can and lay them on a piece of cloth (we used the cheap homebrand version of chux superwipes), then lay leaves, flowers, fern fronds etc on the skins THEN lay your egg (blown or not) on top.  Wrap the whole thing so the flowers and leaves are closest to the egg's shell and the onion skins wrap around the shell entirely and then your cloth wraps around THAT....yes?  Secure it all with rubber bands then  your eggs need to spend half an hour in water at boiling point.  Take them out, allow them to cool and then unwrap and marvel at the beautiful patterns left on your eggs!

You can rub a little oil into them to really bring out the colour and make them shine.  Here are ours:

This is my fave has a clover flower straight out of our lawn on it.

Then you can do what we did...and have scrambled eggs for brekky the next day :)  YUM!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Hooray, crochet! Cute knotted headband...

This very clever, pretty-haired lady made an awesome knotted headband from simple crochet chain stitch!  Look!

She has an excellent tutorial you should check out.  In fact, she has quite a few!  I'm going to see if I can make one like this as well.  (It's an excellent excuse to purchase a hot glue gun, yes?)

Are you going to make one too?

Good one, Cami, I think you started a trend.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Family Rules

I got a new printer...hooray!  I've been without one for so long that it's really quite a novelty to have one now.

To celebrate I did a print to display in our living area..."Family Rules".  Miss Seven helped lots - we looked on etsy at all the beautiful family rules prints and wrote down the "rules" we liked the best.  We changed some and added others, then had some fun arranging fonts and colours...printed, threw it in a frame and voila!  Miss Seven styled the final product with melty-bead shapes.  Nice.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Lovely Links

There is a lot of lovely stuff out there in internetland..isn't there?

Here are some lovely things I've found lately...

Beautiful vintagey goodness and pretty crochet at MemeRose

Divine paper projects, scrap-happiness and photospiration at Dear Lizzy

Lots and lots of swedish prettiness in a language I can't read (Google Translate is so much fun to use) at Mokkasin

I hope you enjoy discovering them for yourself!