Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Lunchbox #13

Today's Lunchbox...

Morning Tea - Strawberry yoghurt and nut-free choc-chip biscuit (both homemade)
Lunch - Chicken, cheese and salad "Mountain Bread" wraps, fresh watermelon pieces
Drink - Water

I am a little excited that I now know how to make yoghurt.  Basically, you heat some milk, then cool it a little, then stir in a big spoon of natural yoghurt, then put it in a warm place (like a pre heated thermos - I have bought an "Easi-Yo" maker which is a bit thermos-like) and leave it for 8 or so hours.  Who knew it was so easy!?  Did you?  I didn't.  I've flavoured this yoghurt with strawberry jam and fresh strawberry pieces and the last lot I made I flavoured with honey.  But you can use anything you like - your imagination is the limit.  I cannot believe how delicious and fresh it is!  And did I mention easy?  If you want a little more detail as to how to make yoghurt, check out Amanda's excellent post on SouleMama.  She uses a thermometer for the milk heating which I don't bother with - and all of my yoghurts have turned out well so far, so I figure it's a little forgiving just as long as you are aware that mixing in the yoghurt while the milk is too hot will kill the live cultures and you wouldn't want that! (Unless of course, you feel like making milkshakes instead of yoghurt!)  I totally can't wait 'til it gets a bit hotter and I can start making (and eating!) frozen yoghurts.  Mmmm, YUM!


  1. Yes - I've been wanting to try making yogurt for ages. What stops me? I don't know.

    So, are Mon-Thurs lunch boxes just ryvitas and a sultana?

  2. Unfortunately because of her nut allergy, ryvitas are off the cards. So she just gets a sultana.

  3. Wow - home made yoghurt! I will have to try some of that - we go through so much yoghurt here.

    Thanks for the heads up on the Kikki K Masking Tape - I can see a trip to Kikki K on the cards for this week :)

  4. oh my! that wrap looks just divine and I so feel like eating it now!!! congrats on the yoghurt making - always wanted to try it myself - so need to plan it into my schedule ;)