Saturday, January 29, 2011

Beach Love

I can't believe it's been over a month since I last posted, it was good to take a little break!  I hope everyone had a lovely holiday season and any of my fellow east coast Aussies who read my blog were/are not too badly affected by the floods.  We were lucky enough to have not a single one of our friends or family affected, despite some of them being fairly close to some of the worser hit areas.

We were also lucky enough to spend our holiday time over the new year camping in what must have been one of the only dry and sunny spots around, beautiful Agnes Water.  This was the view from the tent flap of our camper trailer.


During our stay we went swimming every day, Miss Six learnt to bodyboard (she floats like a cork!), I got dumped in the waves (definately not unexpected), we went for the longest beach walk ever, ate copious amounts of sweet and juicy watermelon, perused the little shops nearby,  played "Go Fish" endlessly (hubby was a bit disgusted he didn't win once), were lulled to sleep every night by the sounds of croaking frogs and crashing waves and also made firm friends with the lovliest family ever, two tents down.  What more could we have asked for?

We will definately be coming back.


  1. awesome photos!!!
    Love it all, great post

  2. Hope you're nice and relaxed! Looks like a beautiful spot.

  3. Beautiful photos. So very unlike our Canadian campgrounds which are also beautiful, just very different.

  4. You're back. Welcome back. Your photos are great.

  5. Gorgeous pics, looks like an amazing time!
    What sort of machine did your buy your girl? I can't decide if I should go with a vintage vulcan minor or buy new/plastic? I do want it to be functional, however she is only 4 so it needs to be safe too. :)

  6. oh what lovely photos! looks like a fabulous time :) camping on the beach is the perfect thing to do in summer...

    kel x