Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Little Bit of Orange

I've been all about blue and green lately.

But a bit of orange snuck into my home via my cooking today.

Pumpkin Soup...

and Mango Icecream...

I'm in love with my Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker which I got for Christmas - it's wonderful to be able to share ice cream with Miss Seven, who can't have the shop bought stuff due to her peanut allergy.  I couldn't find a good mango ice cream recipe so I just winged it and it turned out absolutely delicious...though I forgot to write down how much of everything I put in, so unfortunately I don't have a recipe for you.  I will probably never make mango icecream as nicely again...oh well.  Also, those that know the extra fattening divineness that goes into making good homemade icecream will know that one scoop is enough and I definately didn't eat all three of the scoops that you see in my photo.  Maybe.

I can share my pumpkin soup recipe though,  I've been making it forever so I have no idea where it's from but it's super (souper? ha ha) simple and Miss Seven (who refuses to eat pumpkin in it's whole form) actually asks for me to make it.

Lillabilly's Delicious Pumpkin Soup 
1kg Pumpkin - get some nice golden orange stuff!
1 Onion
4 cups of chicken stock (you can use vegetable stock if you want to make a vegetarian version)
1 tblspn sugar
Fresh fine ground pepper to taste
1 cup of single cream
Salt (perhaps)

Dice up the pumpkin and onion  and add them, the sugar, pepper and the stock to a saucepan.  Bring to boil, then simmer until everything is nice and soft.  (I leave it for a couple of hours)  Switch off and allow to cool, then puree completely in a blender or food processer.  Pour back into saucepan, add cream and mix through.  Reheat (taste and add salt only if necessary) and serve!

Extra nice with some sort of toasty bread to dip!

You should also head on over here to How About Orange which is a nice place to go when you are keen on some extra orangey lovliness amongst all sorts of other interesting things.

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