Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Hooray, Crochet! I Started A New Project!

My first project since forever is up and running.   I am making a blanket from a lovely variegated acrylic yarn that I spotted in Lincraft a little while ago.  It's beautifully soft.  and the colours!  It's a lovely mix of fluorescent rainbow and grey storm clouds, I think.  Like someone took the sky after the rain and threw it in a blender.
See? Rainbows and storm clouds
I have not ever used variegated yarn before and there was nothing in the same weight to mix it with so I am going for a plainly stitched blanket and letting the lovely colours do all the talking as they mottle and pool.  It should be about single bed size when I'm finished - I have chained 120 and I'm just using triple crochet stitch, for those who want to get technical.   

Only scarf size so far!
If it doesn't end up on our lounge come next winter, I'm thinking it would work for my youngest who just might be in a big bed by that time.  She seems to attract bright colours just like these.  Of course, this has resulted in cries of "I need a blanket too!" From my eldest.  Her granny square throw which I made a number of years back, is suddenly a bit too small for someone who seems to be growing taller by the day.   I think she might have lined me up for my next project already!

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