Thursday, November 11, 2010

Miss Six

Just recently, my little Miss Five became a very grown up Miss Six!  Where on earth has my baby gone?

You can see what she got for her birthday there on her wrist.  She also got a cubby house (with a slide!) made by my hubby (thankyou so very much sweetheart, you're very clever.)  I totally wish I'd had a watch and a cubby (with a slide!) when I was six.


  1. When Kee turned six, that's when I kind of went, "Wow. He's one of the big kids now." Happy birthday!

  2. The thing I remember about the kids turning six was when they would hold and play with a baby and just seeing their hands next to the baby's and realising how much they had grown.
    They are both bigger then me now. Well taller anyway :)
    Happy Birthday to your girl.