Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Togs for crafty, gardeny sorts.

Summer's almost here and I am completely dreading going togs shopping.  For those who arn't Queenslanders, togs are what we call swimsuits, ...I know they have lots of different names, even in different parts of Australia -   what do you call them where you are?  I've also noticed a sudden trend by all the magazine and designer folk to call a one piece swimsuit, a "maillot" (pronounced "may-yoo").  Apparently it's french for, er, one piece swimsuit.

So anyway, I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who dreads togs shopping and I really , really, really wish I could just magic a cute little boyleg tankini set, in an awesome cut (no halters pleeeease) and fabric, out of thin air without all the dressing room drama and pining for the boobs I had in my twenties.

Even after doing a whole lot of internet searching, I didn't come up with much.  However, I did find these three little beauties and though they are not something I personally would wear, I just had to share them with you because the prints they are made with are pretty fabuloso and crafty, gardeny designs are not something you see on togs everyday.  They are all from Hotel Bondi Swim  which is a Sydney based swimwear company. (Photos sourced from Hotel Bondi Swim also).

Check it out - for the patchwork fans...

For the crochet fans...

And last but not least, for those of us who love our garden gnomes (and also available in a maillot, now that we all know what that is)...

That last one makes me chuckle.  I think I heart the granny squares the best.  Which one's your fave?


  1. oh gosh lol, I do so love the granny squares, I love it so much, I want them. oh and I call them 'swimmers'. I tagged you in a questionairy thing too if you are interested. Please don't feel you have to do it, I just thought it would be fun.

  2. If I had the body, I would total wear the patchwork one. Unfortunately I don't.
    Good luck with finding a nice one for yourself.

  3. I would like the granny squares please. For the me of twenty years ago.

  4. I like the granny squares too. If only shopping for a bathing suit were this easy.

  5. I love the granny squares too, or the gnomes in a full piece maybe but I hate swimmer shopping eeeek! I tend to wear board shorts to cover the legs I'm afraid - such a sook, so many people are happy to wear swimmers no matter what their size and I always look at them in admiration!
    PS. Dad got his muscles behind my teacup drilling but it was a huge effort with a normal drill bit and even though the inside was perfect (we put in a piece of masking tape and drilled down from the inside) the bottom where the bit came out with sheer force splintered a bit, but didn't crack, I painted on blackboard paint to smooth out but it isn't sharp or hasn't effected the strength of the cup. I think a diamond drill bit is what we need though so will be asking at the hardware store tomorrow, will let you know if that is more effective!
    Posted you prize today - sorry it took forever! :)

  6. As a crocheter, I am biased towards the granny squares definately. Shame that my body isn't biased towards bathers that look like that! :P