Thursday, February 17, 2011

Back To School Hairstyles

Back to school hairstyles for one and all!  Well, for little girls, actually.  I know quite a few of my readers have school aged girls and if they are like Miss Six and attend a school with headlice going round on a regular basis (isn't that every school?) then you might like to check out this fabulous, fabulous website (and many Youtube vids) for hairstyle ideas which will keep your little one's hair tied back and tidy and not so tempting to those lice.  (We also use a completely natural defence spray called Quitnits from the chemist which contains essential oils as well - an ounce of prevention and all that!)

Some of Miss Six's most favourite (and some of the easiest) styles we've tried so far are the loony braids, fishtail braids and the triple flipped ponytails, but there are soooo many to chose from - some tricker than others and many that would do fantastically for special occasions too.  You can even learn how to french braid in a zillion different ways, if, like me, you are completely hopeless at that!  (I'm still learning...)

I must say, I wish I'd discovered this before Valentine's day - check out these double heart twists!

So very cute, no?

Happy hairstyling, folks!


  1. Very cute. I love your creativity.

  2. Super cute! I can't wait till I have kids so I can do their hair all cute.

  3. Oh, so cute! Thanks for the ideas, they are very useful. We "experienced" the headlice on my daughter's hair this year for the first time... I can tell you it is not nice... So, thank you, thank you, thank you!

  4. I think that is the cutest hair I have ever seen.

  5. oh this is very cute, she will be the envy of her class with these pretty hearts.

  6. Ha, it's agreed, it's totally CUTE! Kat (no.1 comment), I wish I could take credit but it's actually the mum who creates and posts all these hairstyles on the web that is the creative one! Her name is Mindy and she has 5 children, four of them (that's one in the picture) are girls. Phew!! No wonder she is fantastic at doing hair!!