Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Readers Are So Awesome

 A long while ago, the remarkable Allana from High Maintenance Hippy gave me a "Versatile Blogger Award".  I was completely suprised and abashed and amazed that the bloggy world could be so lovely.  And it IS lovely, you know?  Especially this crafty-cookingy-handmadey-vintagey-arty-creative bloggy world - everyone seems to get on with everyone just fine, there's heaps of encouragement and inspiration and not a skerrick of the negativity I have seen on blogs of other genres where everyone seems to get all catty and hateful and such!  I have noticed that even if someone has a different opinion to the norm, everyone is very respectful of it and that is a really, really nice thing to see.  I often wish the outside world could  adjust their attitudes to be a little more like the inside creative bloggy world!!  Wouldn't that be great?

Anyway, the lovely Kat from Books, Crafts and Pretty Things  was also kind enough to pass on an award recently - the "Stylish Bloggers Award".  And once again I was completely suprised and abashed and amazed and  I also remembered that I had forgotton all about the last award which I had meant to post about, but, well, life gets in the way sometimes, I'm sure you'd all agree!!

So I wanted to take this opportunity to thank both Allana and Kat for their awards and general awesomeness.

 There appear to be some rules to the receiving of said bloggy awards and luckily for me, the rules for both of these awards are pretty much the same.

1. Thank the person that gave it to you

2. Pick 15 blogs you love/15 recently discovered blogs and pass the award along
Hmmmm, I have not really had the opportunity to go in search of new blogs lately, though my tried and trues are all in my sidebar and if you feel like passing a little traffic their way I'm sure they'd really appreciate it.  So I'm going to change this one up a little.  I'm going to give a virtual award to every one of my readers instead, because without you my blog just wouldn't be the same!  Thank you, each and every one, for being so kind as to drop by here now and then and to even leave a comment if you see fit.  You all make a big difference to my day.  Please accept my "Truly Awesome Reader Award" for you are all truly awesome and completely fabulous.  All you need do to accept this award is say "I am totally awesome and fabulous!  I know 'cause Lillabilly told me so!"  and give yourself a hearty pat on the back.  Also, you should feel free to go eat some chocolate.  'Cause that makes everyone feel good.

3. Contact those folks and tell them that you love them
In case you hadn't already noticed, people, I heart you heaps.  I do.

4.Share seven things about yourself
Ooh, interesting!  Here goes...

1. I will eat something I don't like, without complaint, as long as it's "good for me"
2. The only exception to number 1. is sushi...the seaweed part...EWWW.  And I really wish  I liked it because it is so good for me!
3. My primary school athletics house colour was a foul goldy-yellow.  I have hated that colour to this very day.  Thank goodness Miss Six is in the red team!  GOOO RED!
4. I always, always, always overthink things.  And then groan at myself and tell myself to get past it already.
5. When I was quite young I used to want to write and illustrate children's books.  In fact, a small part of me would still like to do that one day.
6. I am completely petrified of cockroaches and those nasty big locust grasshoppers.  Spiders are totally fine, though.
7. I'm Italian and I don't drink coffee.  Except on Easter day when I have it black with heaps of sugar and a lovely big slice of pannetone.  Go figure.

Perhaps you'd like to share something interesting about yourself too?

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  1. Congratulations on your award Lilabilly!! You truly deserve it! Isn't the blogging world so lovely? Its so great! I have missed it! I found it interesting that you used to want to write and illustrate children's books! Something close to my heart! I'm also an over thinker/analyzer too! Luckily Dace helps to mellow me out when I over think things it too muchxx