Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday Lunchbox #2

Today's lunch...

Morning Tea - Orange and Strawberry fruit salad, plain rice crackers and chedder cheese triangles
Lunch - Double decker sandwich fingers (Light Philidelphia Cream Cheese & Lettuce, Tomato), Ladyfinger banana
Drink - Water with mint leaves

Both the tomato and lettuce are from our vege patch.  Delish!!  To stop the tomato making the sandwiches soggy, I press it in between some paper towel to remove the excess moisture before putting it in the sandwich.  I'm normally not a "crusts-off-sandwiches" type of mum, but I think you have to with double-deckers, they just look so much yummier!  I took the crusts off before I made the sandwiches and they've joined the bag of bread ends in the freezer.  They'll end up being breadcrumbs or croutons!

A few garden fresh mint leaves make the iced water mildly minty - I think Miss Five thinks it's special 'cause that's what I do with my water sometimes!  At the very least, it encourages her to drink lots.


  1. You are raising the bar on lunch boxes. Sarah made up your stomboli yesterday - delicious!!

  2. Hahaha - only on Fridays!! I'm so glad the stromboli worked well!

  3. Hey - just wanted to let you know you won my name my car competition. I am a sucker for rhyming names! Email me your address so I can send you your prize goodies. My email is ksultanie(at)yahoo(dot)com ~ Kat xo