Wednesday, September 15, 2010

This Week At Lillabilly...

Harvest time!  Got any good green bean recipes?  We've picked 3.1 kilos of beans so far and there's still more coming!!

Filling up the cookie jar...five different sorts of jam drop are definately evidence that there is waaaay too much jam in my fridge.

Don't you love plants that take care of themselves?  Our king orchid (Dendrobium Tarberi) minds it's own business hanging out in our bottlebrush tree, then rewards us our neglect with this...

As well, I've been having a good Spring clean.  There are so many vacuum bags of Miss Five's outgrown clothes that I could start building a whole new house with them.  Or maybe just a cubby.
Also, from the looks of this photo I possibly need to spring clean my shoes as well.

What's happening at your place this week?  I hope you are having a nice one!

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