Monday, September 13, 2010

Thrift Store Score

Here are the latest vintage linen finds...


And these last three are all part of the same piece...

So pretty!


  1. Wow, awesome finds. Those vintage sheets are great!
    Thanks for visiting me too!

  2. I have vintage linen envy!!!!!!!!!

  3. oh these are lovely, what are your plans with them? You just cannot beat vintage linen. I still haven't cut into my yet either.

  4. I am definately going to make a patchwork bedspread for Miss Five. I also like the idea of a patchwork summer throw, down the bottom of my bed for on those coolish nights too, though since it's coming into summer soon I doubt I'll be needing it for a while! I've got to teach myself to sew first, not to mention cleaning out and redecorating my craft room , which involves setting up my 2nd hand sewing machine in the first place! By the time I do all that, perhaps I might be able to make these in time for next Autumn, lol! I'm also thinking of twirly-type skirts for Miss Five and a lovely shoulder bag or two for me. Some of them would look lovely as little clothes on handmade softies too...oh, so many plans!!!